Wednesday, November 14, 2012

This is the launch of the R4 R4i card

All flash card R4, R4i card is the most famous, the launch of the R4 team in quite a long time.
R4i card is a best choice than any other The flash card profile R4, because it is one of the main original equipment. Your microSD adapter card as perform like your normal game Box. R4I Suppress a variety of resources, such as skin, tutorials, and software, specifically for R4. New R4i is more expensive than the DSTT card. This card can help you Through their own game. Everyone should have, but there is a micro SD memory card, the files stored on this card.

The card R4i huge popularity in the market than any other Flashcards. You always have a R4i card to be careful before buying, because repeat R4i card many kinds of quality is also poor, high Price. Flash memory cards come and go, but now there are two flash memory cards, DS-R4 and R4i players and the user's attention. A flash memory card application is different. But they are similar in function, since these two storage devices. Function R4 unexpected promote. The r4i card The famous R4 Revolution for Nintendo DS due to its radical and high-tech applications. Another difference between the two, Micro SD card. A Found R4 card checks, including a lock-type spring of the actuator, which in turn can have a problem, because it is prone adhesion.

On the other hand, the R4i card You can manually insert the SD card. Thus the difference between the card flashcards, which one is the better choice? Of course, you want to get a flash memory card, can work in Almost all Nintendo platforms. This means that, in R4i newer version. This is the latest released, providing the latest technology, so you can be sure that You can get the best entertainment and gaming solution, this flash card. This console is the R4i the DSI R4 NA. So, you choose In between, depending on what console you have. The R4i card allows you to create a backup of your game, you have to buy.

The benefits of doing so is that you do not There are no more expensive games, may be destroyed or lost and stolen. Intelligent R4i, you can carry your game. Card, instead of the memory card adapter. At the top of the card is a small insert a Micro SD card slot. You can buy this discrepancy How much you want to memory. Any SD card you want, and then converted to the data on your DS. R4i card, you always have to be careful Because this card's firmware, and will continue to update the firmware.
Launched in the market, because the team of the card R4i firmware update. R4i R4i the flashcard Its users with the latest high-performance card. Card R4i is a good application for your DSi console. Different number of homebrew games You can improve the functionality of the system DSI. The Moonshell, this card can be used to copy movies, music and reading text files, these files are stored on a memory card installed R4 cards.

R4i characteristics of its users with the best, and did not provide any flashcard. The most important thing you should know this card, this card is to look at Just because it is based on the AceKard firmware, it has excellent R4i card compatibility. At the forefront of the R4i card DSi games is very good. One of the The important features of this card is that it can use any microSD flash memory card.

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