Friday, November 16, 2012

Familiar with the R4 card

Many of the world's memory card, R4 card belongs to the family PC flash memory cards, and has a large memory capacity, faster than other flash memory cards. The form of the SD card, it allows you to play music on the Internet, watching your favorite movie and gained valuable knowledge download e-books, and enjoy browsing in a beautiful photo.

R4 Card Nintendo games, and is considered to be more advanced game cards, in the field of entertainment. The R4i card compatible DSi card applications can be scaled. In the gaming industry, the R4 is used to provide users with a lot of interesting and exciting adventure.

Addition to the game, the DS and DSi adapters can be widely used for business and commercial use. R4 cards are a lot of people, and the average per person to exert extra effort to discover and take advantage of the use and application of different applications. A wonderful and amazing multimedia player, Avid users can take advantage of the DSI R4 card and virtual and computer peripherals.

A single R4 card, you can select your favorite music tunes. It can also provide you endless opportunities to surf the Internet at any time, any place, almost anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Function in addition to the games, R4 card also gives you the ability to your DS and DSi connected load different and unusual applications with different activities, so you must use high-tech.
R4 card can be your DS and DSi ingredients so that different functions, this is an amazing instrument.

R4 card has different characteristics, and continue its users impressed that does not end. It can reconfigure certain computer applications such as games, through simple restart or completely reset. It also features a sleep mode function when needed. R4 card also has multi-language capabilities, because it can be widely used in different languages ​​such as Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish and many other languages, and easier to understand, no matter which region or continent.

This card uses real-time virtual technology, modern facilities and high-tech compatible with the real world, from packaging operations. The hotel features an integral part of the Moon Shell 2.0 Beta series uses the latest technology.

You can easily mix and match different cards, different card capacity of 4 GB to 32 GB. Loading speed may also have special features, clean, drag, and drag-and-drop features of this amazing R4 card. It even has a special light touch reset function, in order to better organize files.
R4 Card For DS Lite R4 Card For DSi / DSi XL R4 Card For 3DS NDSTT Cards

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