Friday, November 16, 2012

Buy Nintendo Ds R4 card

Buy Nintendo DS,R4 cards are specially designed equipment. In 2008, the introduction of R4 cards for the first time and since then one of the Nintendo DS can be found. This card by the support tools feature, and is known to provide its users with amazing features.
You can play the game by using the R4 card reading books, music, and many more activities. This card for the Nintendo DS R4 revolution as the most popular, this is a radical and high-tech applications. This card is quieter than other Flash kagui. It is said that this card is not just an accessory, but necessity because construction of the Nintendo DS has no memory storage.

At the same time, you are allowed to store multiple files in addition to the game play. Well, card R4 is the size of a regular Nintendo DS cartridge, you'll find it on the back side of the micro SD card slot. Through micro-SD cards, applications, games, MP3 and the firmware is gone, you need to your R4 card. By using the R4 card, one can create their own game backups. The cards come in two versions, you can easily find a market. Version is the original R4 revolution and 4' happy box '. These two cards is with the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL worth supporting.

R4 card manufacturer's desire for their product that is eventually is evident from other areas. R4 card, also includes specific functions, only for DS and Nintendo DSi games. If you want to install a card and then you can install it in 1 hour only. This card also contains a variety of menus, you can start your Nintendo DS R4. Allows you to choose from a game or multimedia with the R4 card menu.
Hops and then you can play a game or watch MP3/movies on your Nintendo DS. If you want to hear your favorite music collection, then you can also fine the MP3 player for fun. In addition, you can also easily access the Nintendo DSi Exchange full size movie.

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