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The Original R4 Brand DS Card

1.1) DS Card (Pic)
A DS Card is an emulator device that may be used to play homebrew games around the Nintendo R4 card and Nintendo DS Lite. It comes inside the size of an original DS game cartridge and is inserted into the DS via the Slot-1 in the Nintendo DS console. You will find several brands of DS card produced by different manufacturers such as the R4, DSTT, EDGE DS and numerous other people.
1.2) DS card components
To get a DS card to work, it's going to need three component: The DS card itself, a micro SD / R4i SDHC DSi as well as the DS card firmware.
The firmware is fundamentally the computer software part of the method. It's a program that permits a DS card to run homebrew application on the Nintendo DS console.
The DS card is fundamentally the hardware part of the system. It consists of the Integrated circuit (IC) and different other hardware element that allows the DS card the act as a physical adapter to interact using the Nintendo DS console.
The micro SD will be the memory from the system exactly where the firmware and homebrew appication are stored. It's basically the RAM and hard disk space of the system. The micro SD can come in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. Micro SD for 4GB and above are known as micro SDHC (Safe Digital High Capacity).
1.three) Acquiring a DS card to perform
The initial step to obtain the DS card to work is always to get the DS card firmware. This firmware could sometimes be provided in a disc but most likely nowadays to become accessible for download from the DS card manufacturers web site or from the reseller web site (like us -> NDS-Gear). The DS card firmware is generally within a .zip or even a .rar file, which have to be unzipped (or unrar) making use of the WinZIP or WinRAR system.
The next step is to transfer the unzipped DS card firmware and homebrew applications that you simply would need to play on the Nintendo DS console from the pc into the micro SD.To accomplish this, you will need a USB-micro SD adapter. Insert the micro SD in to the USB-micro SD adapter. Insert the USB-micro SD adapter into the USB port on the pc. The pc will now detect an external memory drive which is the micro SD. Drag and drop all of the DS card firmware and homebrew application into the root directory from the micro SD. The transfer from the DS card firmware is now completed. Unplugged the micro SD from the pc.
The micro SD can now be inserted in to the micro SD slot around the DS card, that is generally situated on the top corner of the DS card. The DS card is now a totally functioning system and may be inserted into the Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite console. Turn around the power around the Nintendo console and also the DS card is now working as well as the user can begin playing homebrew appicaion that they've transfer onto the Nintendo DS console.
1.4) DSi card
A DSi card is comparable for the DS card except it was developed to work on the new Nintendo DSi console. DS cards can only function on the Nintedo DS and Nintendo DS Lite console. DSi card can perform on all three Nintendo DS consoles (DS / DS Lite / DSi).
2) What's an R4 Card?
2.1) Introduction
R4 will be the most well-known brand name for the DS card. There a 30+ brand of DS card that calls themselve R4. On NDS-Gear, we sell two out of 30+ of these R4 brands, the R4v2 (R4DS) and the R4 SDHC.
2.2) R4v2 (R4DS)
two.2.1) History of R4v2 (R4DS)
The R4v2, also known as R4DS, is the original R4 brand DS card. R4DS stands for 'Revolution for DS'. The R4DS is among the initial superior DS card on the industry as it can automatically boot itself on the Nintendo DS console without having the require a PassMe Device (type devices are inserted into the DS slot and trick the DS into enabling unsigned DS code to run from the GBA cartridge slot in total DS mode). This produced the R4DS less expensive, superior and extremely well-known evaluate to other DS card on the industry when it was released in early 2007. It was considered to be among the very best DS card when it first came out in 2007. Due to its popularity, several other producers begin creating clone copies of the R4DS as well as naming their solution 'R4', giving rise for the 30+ brands of R4.
The R4DS change its name to R4v2 (Revolution for DS Version 2) when it release a non-spring loaded version of the R4 card in late 2007. This was to acquire rid of spring mechanism failure which was rather typical within the R4DS. Now only the non-spring version R4v2 is sold on the market.
2.2.two) R4v2 package
The R4v2 package includes the R4v2 DS card itself, a blue protective case to shield the R4v2 DS card, a USB-micro SD adapter along with a disc which contains the R4v2 firmware. R4v2 firmware may also be downloaded from the manufacturer website. All this are contained inside a blackish green paper packaging box. The R4v2 package will not include the micro SD which has to be purchase separately.
two.2.three) Benefit of R4v2
The R4v2 nonetheless have the fastest loading efficiency of any DS card on the marketplace eventhough it was one of many earliest DS card released. The R4v2 also have numerous other functions which was produced by the R4v2 improvement team and are now a normal in other DS card. These functions contains the capability to play mp3 music, watch videos and read e-book around the Nintendo DS console. Currently the R4v2 can also be the least expensive DS card around the industry. It's also quite a stable card and has a extremely low failure rate (less than 1%). Other R4 brands possess a failure rate of 4-10% as well as the actually bad ones can reach 20%.
2.two.3) Drawback of the R4v2
The R4v2 can only take micro SD with 2GB memory size or under. Newer DS cards can now take micro SD with memory size upto 32GB. The R4v2 also have some game compatibility problems whereas some of the best newer DS cards have 100% game compatibility.
two.3) R4 SDHC
2.3.1) History of R4 SDHC
The R4i SDHC DSi is a single of 30+ R4 brands that come right after the R4v2. Unliked the majority of the other 30+ brands that are unreliable, unstable and rubbished, the R4 SDHC has proven to become a very excellent DS card. Some of the development team members in the original R4v2 is now operating for your R4 SDHC developmental group.
two.3.2) R4 SDHC package
Extremely comparable to the R4v2. Comes with the R4 SDHC card itself, a blue protective case, a USB-micro SD adapter. Doesn't come with a disc containing the R4 SDHC firmware because the R4 SDHC manufacturer created it obtainable to download online. Purpose for it is because the firmware is continuously becoming updated and its less difficult to provide a download service. All this are contained inside a blackish green paper packaging box with the brand name R4 SDHC written on it. The R4 SDHC package doesn't include the micro SD which should be bought separately.
2.three.3) Advantage of R4 SDHC
The advantage of R4 SDHC is the fact that it's able to take micro SDHC with memory of upto 32GB, therefore its name. In addition, it have 100% game compatibility and has all of the normal functions available within the R4v2 like the ability to play mp3 music, watch videos and read e-book on the Nintendo DS console. The R4 SDHC is also a very stable card with low failure rate (less than 1%). An excellent jake of all trade DS card.
two.three.4) Drawbacks of R4 SDHC
R4 cheat database is limited evaluate to the cheat database of the greatest DS brands on the marketplace. Will not have some of the functions of newer DS cards.
3) Options to frequent R4 Problems
3.1) Fising the R4 'Loading...' Screen Issue
Possibly the most typical issue with all the R4DS Card, regardless of whether you're making use of the R4v2 or R4 SDHC, is the "Loading..." error. The majority of people assume that it is because their adapter is broken, and immediately panic or send their card back. However, this isn't usually the case if you have purchased a genuine item. The most typical issue is the fact that you've the incorrect computer software for your R4 adapter. Visit our Computer software Download web page for help recognising what type of card you've, and links to software downloads for your R4v2 and R4 SDHC.
3.1.1) Six Actions to Solve the "Loading" Problem
three.1.1.1) Make sure you have downloaded the correct software. For aid with this, please visit our Downloads web page right here. Ensure the computer software is placed inside the root directory of your Micro-SD card - the 'base' or first directory of one's Micro-SD card. What your Micro-SD card's files ought to appear like, can be observed beneath. Give your Micro-SD card a quick clean (an excellent blow or two, because the card contacts can be sensitive to dirt).
three.1.1.4) For optimum performance, don't overload your Micro-SD card. The remainder of your Micro-SD card's memory is needed to keep your card operating in tip best shape. As a guide, we suggest filling your Micro-SD card to no greater than 60% total. That implies that for any 1GB card, we only advise filling it up to 600MB filled with applications and games. To get a 2GB card, we advise only filling it as much as 1.2GB total,and so on.
3.1.1.five) Make certain the Micro-SD is card pushed down totally in to the DS adapter (make certain excellent get in touch with between Micro-SD card and R4 adapter). In a really little minority of circumstances, the Micro-SD must be pulled up a little in the event the 'click' among the Micro-SD as well as the R4 card causes them to misalign. This can be much more typical using the R4 SDHC than with the R4, but is nonetheless a non-issue.
three.1.1.6) Reformat your Micro-SD to (FAT16/32) for optimal efficiency.
three.1.1.7) Use only the following sizes of Micro-SD/ SDHC: 1, two, four, 8, 16, 24 and 32GB. The R4 SDHC is untested for Micro-SD cards above 32GB and issues are reported for 6GB micro SD. For your R4v2, only use 2GB Micro-SD cards or under, as higher capacity Micro-SDHC cards don't work.
three.two) Fixing the 'There is no DS Card Inserted' Screen Issue
Among the more uncommon error message which appears around the typical DS load page. It usually have the message that goes:
"There is no DS card inserted" around the leading line and "There is no game pak inserted" on the bottom line.
In this case, the "There is no game pak inserted" is actually a fairly standard message since it relates to the slot two from the DS which can be empty - DS cards/adapters do not use that slot nowadays. Nonetheless, the "There is no DS card inserted" message is worrying. There is numerous factors for this message, which can vary from dirt / dust around the micro-SD card, corrupt micro-SD data, a faulty R4v2 card / micro-SD connector, or the more significant and worrying misalignment of the DS slot 1 connectors.
The dirt/dust problem around the micro-SD card may be easily solved by providing the micro-SD a great blow or two. A corrupt micro-SD card's information may be effortlessly fixed by reformatting it to FAT16 or FAT32. A faulty R4v2 card and micro-SD ought to be exchanged using the retailer - only e-mail them after the initial two alternatives don't seem to have worked, although, because about 99% of the time a single of those will repair it. For much more information, see NDS-Gear's FAQ page which gives some specifics on how to repair related problems.
Really rarely, a DS adapter can perform on one DS but fail to perform on yet another and also the failed adapter will display this message. In this uncommon circumstance, a tiny imperfection within the DS as well as the DS card could sometimes be fantastic adequate that they just about misalign and are unable to communicate with one another. Basically, the metal contacts don't touch each other effectively adequate. This really is extremely uncommon but possibly worrying since it could signify a problem with the DS console - in which case a various card which features a slightly larger style (the EDGE DS in certain has a rather snug fit, and could be perfect for individuals with this problem) will be desirable. This only happens in much less than 1% of circumstances, though, and it tends to be with old DS's or well-used DS Lites.
Nonetheless, if the DS fails with each and every DS card, then there is a definite issue with the SLOT 1 connector from the DS. If the DS is still under warranty, it should be exchange immediately to get a new a single. If your DS is out of warranty, it's also achievable to realign the connector pins within the SLOT 1 in the DS oneself (WARNING: Doing this oneself will void the warranty). You would have to extremely carefully peer in to the slot where cartridges normally go, and use some thin, fine tools to re-align any bent pins in the SLOT 1 connector.
3.3) Unable to load newer games of the R4v2
"'The save data cannot be accessed. Please turn the power off and reinsert the DS card"
This can be an error message on the R4 card which usually occurs when the R4 firmware is outdated. The most common result in for this message is when newer DS games which uses the ARM7 binary executable method file is loaded making use of out of date R4 firmware. This is a especially acute problem for your R4v2 which no longer release updates for their firmware.
If you are running any other DS cards apart from the R4v2, get (or wait) for the most recent release firmware to come out and update the firmware of the DS card. This must hopefully repair the problem as the development group periodically include fixes for game compatibility issues.
If you are operating an R4v2, you can get the unofficial R4v2 computer software like the Yasu computer software which fixes numerous but not all the problems.
Yet another remedy for this problem would be to replaced the ARM7 executable file with an older version executable file that is recognised by the R4v2 firmware. To do this, you will need the issue game ROM, yet another ROM with the older executable files (Functions around the DS) and the computer software to patch the executable files from the older ROM onto the newer not working 1.
R4DS-Forums appears to possess a workaround in case you are experiencing problems. Nonetheless, NDS-Gear can not and will not offer assistance for any unofficial firmware / software program utilized with your DS card.
GBATemp have also published a comparable if not identical workaround. Please keep in mind NDS-Gear can't supply support for this.
Please bear in mind - Should you LIKE IT, Buy IT - DS cards are meant as multimedia devices and to backup games that you simply legitimately own. Usually do not play games that you simply don't currently legally personal. Thanks for assisting the gaming industry! 

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