Friday, November 9, 2012

The R4i adapter cards, microSD flash memory card

cheap R4i card as an adapter, EZ Flash Cards , which is a new market, like your normal game. , R4i, R4 team. In recent years, the team of R4 card is the most popular, but now R4i card contains a variety of resources, such as software specifically for R4, skin and tutorials. Compare DSTT card, R4i is expensive, and therefore, we will be able to back up their own game. This card is designed for DSI Lite. File storage card, you want to have a micro SD memory card. A - days than any other flashcard R4i card is more popular in the market because it is original equipment from R4.

Before you buy this card, you must be careful, you do not do it? More tons, of poor quality, copy the kernel card payment amount. The firmware, you must also take into updated firmware update. The team of R4 card firmware update, because the card is released. The R4i card good performance, while taking advantage of their experience in the provision of high-quality. This is a good application for your DSi console. Domestic games on the market, it is the DSI enhancements.

The card looks like based on the AceKard firmware, this card is the most important thing. AceKard firmware R4i card has superior compatibility. The boundary of the R4i card is very good DSi games. This card offers some unique features, such as it can use any microSD flash memory card.
R4i card has a variety of different types, even if you feel confused, which one you buy your game. Capacity up to R4-SDHC Card + 8GB MicroSDHC for Nintendo DS / DS Lite . The R4i cards to support this type of memory card. So, if you want to buy your game to give you the best benefits flashcard R4i card is your best choice.

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