Tuesday, January 10, 2017

With different earrings to create the summer changing you!

Hot summer, every girl is Zhaqi the cool horsetail, although the tail together, but the contours of the face ah, fleshy ah are exposed, and many sister do not know how to solve this contradiction, listen to MOMO to tell you a coup!
That is earrings! . .
Earrings can not only increase your sense of charm, but also modify your bare naked face lines, to give you the desired sense of security. However, before the selection of styles, it is necessary to learn the first few common earrings style.
European Roman Numerals Long Chain Earrings Womens
European Roman Numerals Long Chain Earrings Womens
Style so much, in fact, MOMO has been bought in the foreshadowed in the front, I believe we probably have to see out, Cui Xiuying face and body gives a shock of the United States. Although her face a little bigger, round some. But with the pair of blue hanging earrings, the line of sight shifted to the jaw, people ignore the overall sense of rounded.
Therefore, the trend of this summer is hanging hanging earrings, well-deserved modification of the preferred face!
Balenciaga 2016 early spring vacation series with exaggerated metal suspension earrings.
Hanging exaggerated earrings have a particularly powerful feature is elongated face! Round face sister must not miss the effort artifact.
Suspended especially for round face and some baby fat sister, you can stretch the face, the line of sight to the ears jaw connection line, giving the visual effect of face-lift.
Miranda can be children usually like to use side points, head slightly on the side of the mirror, highlighting their jaw lines. Coupled with a long hanging crystal earrings, more protruding jaw lines, elongated face.

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