Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The principle of wearing jewelry

According to different purposes of use, jewelry has a variety of uses, broadly speaking, jewelry has a practical role, symbolic role, commemorative role, the power of the mark, a symbol of the occupation and storage of wealth, with decorative beauty and performance personality effect. For the average consumer, wearing jewelry is mainly to beautify their own, the performance of personal temperament.
Fashion Semi-circle Design Pendant Necklaces
Fashion Semi-circle Design Pendant Necklaces
The principle of the applicability of jewelry mainly refers to different occasions should wear different jewelry, because the atmosphere of different occasions, so it should be different jewelry.

Social occasions need to wear luxurious side, bright lines of gemstones or gold jewelry can be compelling, a grace, in order to win more opportunities for friendship.

When traveling together should choose the theme of lively, simple shape, brightly colored jewelry, even more lively, natural, far from the effect is very good. Travel, it is not appropriate to wear expensive high-end jewelry. Not only to prevent the loss, the more important reason is the rigorous high-end jewelry, luxury style and play when relaxed and lively atmosphere of the atmosphere is not harmonious.
Unique Feather Design Pendant Necklaces
Unique Feather Design Pendant Necklaces
In the solemn and serious occasions, jewelry should be careful to wear and not lose identity. For example, to participate in international activities or major economic work negotiations, require men to dress neatly, tie tie, tie cards, badges and medals such as badges and ornaments. Ms. do not have heavy makeup, it is best to wear high-grade fine K gold, jade diamond jewelry, while wearing a national style of clothing, that appears self-esteem, self-love, self-respect, emphasizing the national spirit.

Application is to make the jewelry texture, style, color, etc. to adapt to the requirements of different uses to achieve practical and aesthetic harmony and unity.

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