Friday, January 13, 2017

The principle of timely wear jewelry

Every time there is every era of the United States and clothing, timely jewelry to wear a very important principle. Timely jewelry on the United States, obsolete jewelry is difficult to cause contemporary beauty.
New Arrival Flower Design Pendant Necklaces Womens
New Arrival Flower Design Pendant Necklaces Womens
20th century jewelry in the 20th century, the 20th century, people wearing ancient jewelry is definitely not beautiful, but also outdated. Such as China’s ancient jewelry Chai, step shake, wins, the fine, beads, Kushiro bracelets, Golden Delicious, Pei fish, and so on.

There is a timely fashion problem, there is a seasonal problem. Color sensitive people can see the different colors of spring, spring, autumn and winter, but also in the huge world of jewelry to find out the coordination of this or that piece. At this point, the Japanese who are particularly careful about the changes in the seasons and the clouds can be said to be bent. They summed up a set of different seasons in the selection of jewelry gem ornaments experience, not without reason.
New Fashion Flower Pendant Necklaces Womens
New Fashion Flower Pendant Necklaces Womens
Willow buds budding early spring, wearing a green line of precious stones ornaments, such as emerald, jade, malachite, etc., will appear vibrant bloom. In particular, longing for the beach to play in the summer, the selection of marine colors are aquamarine, lapis lazuli and transparent crystal ornaments, natural, natural flowers, Make people feel cool and fresh. Autumn autumn leaves, gold, amber, agate, chicken blood jewelry makes people feel deep magnificent. Snow falling quietly in the winter, wearing silver or platinum, or inlaid with purple stone and moonstone and other accessories, will give people a sense of secrecy, as if showing the end of the cycle of life.

In the day, when the ascent of the time, wearing less transparent coral, amber, agate, turquoise, lapis lazuli, malachite and other accessories the most appropriate. In the afternoon, when the sun hit the head of light, a variety of embedded transparent colored gem ornaments, such as topaz, aquamarine, the most stone, olivine, crystal, etc. will be strong anti-glory; night at night, inlaid with diamonds, red sapphires, Venus stone, cat’s eye stone, moonstone and other ornaments, issued by the star-shaped beam in the twilight in the glittering, looks a jewels.

Timely and popular jewelry is closely linked. The aesthetic consciousness of man is restricted by the process of social development. What kind of spirit of the times, what kind of aesthetic consciousness. The pursuit of timely results to people in a certain time and space conditions can reflect the spirit of the times to produce the same interest in jewelry, the formation of a new trend of jewelry consumption, this new trend of jewelry consumption, jewelry is the popular trend .

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