Saturday, December 29, 2012

New R4 Sdhc V2.10t Card Released

New R4 SDHC Card Released The worlds most well-liked R4 card, the R4 SDHC, is finding a face lift. 1st out there alongside the former version, the R4 SDHC v 2.10T is now the flagship product from the R4 SDHC team. The familiar black box is now officially discontinued, and no longer in stock with official retailers for instance DSCardWorld. However, the old black box version will nevertheless be supported by official retailers for as much as a year right after they had been 1st purchased.
The official name will be the R4 SDHC v2.10T but in addition may possibly be referred to as the Satisfied Box packaging as its created to be used together with the R4 SDHC teams DS Card management client software program, DS Satisfied Box at the moment in beta. Despite how it could search, this really is NOT the R4i gold card, and it is not a fake, it is one more product from the exact same manufacturer as the worlds most preferred R4 since the original retired in 2008. The box boasts a new textured gold surface, which can be right away eye catching.
It differs from the R4i gold card that's produced by a entirely various manufacturer despite the related colour. As you may see it features a textured gold surface, promptly eye-catching. It differs from the R4i Gold card which, while from the similar color is usually a entirely distinct card from a different manufacturer. It really is crucial to anxiety that customers do not purchase fake R4 Card, as many of them no longer operate and indeed won't be compatible with any new Nintendo firmware updates.
The R4 SDHC v2.10T has no trouble with Nintendo's newest update, the 1.four.1, however, since it is created for your Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite consoles but not the DSi and DSi XL. The box and the card itself clearly shows the site , which can be the identical residence internet site as the R4 SDHC black box. Any other 'official website' is fake, with the prime examples becoming the R4 Ultra, R4 Advance, and G6 cards.

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