Monday, February 6, 2017

Wear jewelry according to season

Wear jewelry should pay attention to harmony with nature. Color-sensitive people can see the different colors of spring, summer, autumn and winter, if you can wear jewelry with coordination, in order to achieve the perfect decorative effect, it is feast for the eyes.

Spring to the earth, Vientiane update, giving endless reverie.

Classical Multilayer Leather Bracelets Mens With Stainless Steel
Classical Multilayer Leather Bracelets Mens With Stainless Steel
Spring jewelry to wear, expensive in the fresh, natural, fully reveal the wearer’s elegant and refined, the choice of models is more diverse. As long as the mix is appropriate, you will feel the spring was blowing, creating a colorful personal style. Willow buds bud early spring, wearing a green line of precious stones ornaments, such as emeralds, jade, malachite on credit appears to be vigorous. Flowers in full bloom in deep spring, embedded rubies, coral, turquoise, olivine ornaments are particularly beautiful and moving.

The hot summer sun, wearing pearls is most appropriate. Pearl, as the Queen of summer jewelry, with its elegant, pure and elegant woman won the treasure. Pearls made of earringsbraceletspendants, accompanied by fresh summer, summer is the latest in the recent fashion. Using pearls and shells designed into necklaces, earrings and bracelets, bronze skin and embraced each other, is an indispensable summer accessoriesBlack dress, collar and sleeve are decorated with exquisite shells, coupled with shellfish earrings and starfish ring was charming and moving. In addition, the choice of transparent crystal, sapphire, lapis lazuli, jade and other people will feel fresh and cool.

Man's Rock Jewelry Heavy Metal Bracelets Mens Silver Color
Man’s Rock Jewelry Heavy Metal Bracelets Mens Silver Color
Blue sky, golden foliage, hearty atmosphere, autumn, always make people feel good. Into the nature, and wear jewelry on the coordination of autumn, you are filled with waves of a warm taste of the song. Autumn wear gold, amber, agate, chicken blood jewelry makes people feel deep magnificent, pleased to meet.

In the thousands of miles of ice, snow drift away from the winter, wearing platinum, silver variety of accessories, will make people feel good, as if people with nature. When wearing rubies, red onyx, bloodstone and other jewelry, you will feel a surge of warm air arises spontaneously. When wearing green olivine jewelry, you will feel the residual winter will die, spring is coming.

Generally believed that gold, diamond jewelry is not subject to seasonal restrictions.

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