Saturday, February 11, 2017

Earrings and face with the match

Earrings must pay attention to its mix, especially the earrings and face shape with, it can be said that the shape is the basis for choice earrings. Earrings shape to avoid duplication with the face shape, not with the face shape contrast is too large Gold Stud Earrings, earrings on the face shape to play a balance. The following for several face, with the description of the earrings.

Trendy Anchor Design Hoop Earrings Womens Gold Plated Stainless Steel Wedding Jewelry
Trendy Anchor Design Hoop Earrings Womens Gold Plated Stainless Steel Wedding Jewelry
Long-shaped face of the girl, face up and down the width of roughly equal, giving a mature impression, often appear to mature than the actual age. This face shape suitable for wear:
(1) close to the ear of the circular earrings or large earrings to adjust the face image.
(2) button-type earrings, can make the face look wider.
(3) side fan-shaped design of the earrings, increase the width of the face, so that the face fullness and moving.
(4) with “round effect” of the earrings, such as pearls, precious stones earrings.
  1. Round face
Round face, commonly known as “baby face”, with this face of the girl Stud Earrings, often gives a childish impression is not faded, looks appear to be smaller than the actual age. Young is the characteristics of round face, but from another perspective, this face and people often do not feel reliable.
This face is suitable for wearing:
(1) a variety of styles long and drooping the square, triangle, drop-shaped earrings, earrings, face shape can be modified to shape the length of the increase in width to reduce the effect.
(2) slim “I” -shaped earrings, making the face shape is slender.
(3) pointed earrings.
This face is not suitable for wear:
(1) large round, round beads, ring class earrings, these earrings will make the face look too full.
(2) attached to the earlobe, but the extension of the area was quite large applique earrings, because this style must be with the exposed ear hair, and this hair and just exposed the shortcomings of a round face shape.
(3) a sense of lateral expansion of the earrings.
Fashion Imitation Purple Crystal Hoop Earrings Gold Plated Woman
Fashion Imitation Purple Crystal Hoop Earrings Gold Plated Woman
  1. Square face
Square face in the length of the face is shorter than the long, forehead to the chin line is square, and the width of almost the same, so they are often referred to as the national character face. The girl gave birth to this face shape, and sometimes give people more than a loyal lack of Impression. So make-up when the face shape and facial features on the multi-point, add some soft elements into.
This face is suitable for wearing:
(1) Longer rounded or rounded earrings that are longer than the horizontal arc, such as long oval, arc-shaped, new leaf, single petal-shaped earrings to help reduce the sense of edge Drop Earrings, can increase the length of the face, Ease the angle of the face.
(2) earrings with medium-sized earrings, so that face shape is narrow.
This face is not suitable for wear:
(1) angle is too bright square earrings.
(2) the size of the applique earrings are not suitable for this face shape.
(3) triangular, pentagonal and other sharp edges and corners, the shape of the unexpected earrings, will appear face shape angular.

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