Friday, October 26, 2012

An Overview and Short Background of R4 Card for Nintendo DS

Playing video games has grow to be 1 from the most favorite pastimes of countless folks about the world. Due to the fantastic technological advances within the gaming market, it really is as well common nowadays to find consoles with state in the art attributes and revolutionary accessories. If you are a gamer, then you will by no means miss the buzz surrounding the slick R4 card for Nintendo DS. The R4 DS flash card already captured the imagination of hordes of gamers, particularly Nintendo fans. This card supplies much more enhanced gaming expertise and can transform your console into a multi media entertainment center.

The R4 card was introduced in the industry during the early portion of 2007. It was developed and produced from the so-called Team R4. The style in the original prototype remained largely unchanged till now. Today's R4 DS card nonetheless follows the original configuration in the early prototype except for the locking mechanism. The very 1st card style had a spring lock system. Its leading edge was designed having a slight depression to permit the users to lock the micro SD card in place. Regrettably, this original configuration was found to become faulty. The spring lock mechanism was the primary result in of several technical glitches that bugged the original style. So the Group R4 members bumped the original lock configuration and developed a brand new and much more improved version.

The R4 card version 2 was aptly coded as R4v2. It was ultimately released inside the market through the later part of 2007. The new version removed the spring lock mechanism and replaced it using a small slot. Gamers therefore will only need to manually insert and push the SD card into the R4 DS card. The redesigned card worked flawlessly and eliminated the problems encountered by the version 1 model. It became very in demand as gamers realized the worth of the R4 unit. It allowed for much larger storage which gave the gamers a lot of spaces to save games, images, music, and films. Using the introduction in the refined R4 model, the Nintendo console was not only a gaming unit any longer. It also became a comprehensive entertainment center with far better multi media capabilities.

By mid 2008, the marketplace has been flooded with unofficial versions of R4 card units developed by other manufacturers. In most cases, the unofficial versions in the R4 DS cards were much much better than the original model. They have better functionality and much more sophisticated capabilities. Since the original Team R4 could not cope with all the escalating competitors, it was eventually disbanded and was by no means revived once more. Luckily for gamers, the production and marketing of the cards continued till today.

The increasing competitors within the market has a great influence for the R4. Manufacturers refined their engineering processes and developed more advanced cards for the Nintendo consoles. This drive for much better cards at some point resulted to a more sophisticated unit, the R4i card. This most recent version is compatible with all the new Nintendo DSi model. It can also perform with older DS and DS Lite versions.

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